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You need to join the next Akwantuo Aburi Bike Tour. This is why...

The Aburi Bike Tour is one of Ghana Akwantuo's most sought-after tours. The experience is unique and it leaves a lasting impression on all participants. You deserve the Aburi Bike Tour experience with Ghana Akwantuo. Here’s why…

Your body will thank you for it

Exercising enhances the general function of your body. Cycling is a great form of exercise because it strengthens your immune system, builds muscle, and is one of the healthy ways to reduce or even cut off your risk of developing illnesses such as heart diseases and cancer and will improve brain power, lung health, and mood. Research has proven that cycling can also make you sleep better. The benefits are endless!

Experience the Adom waterfalls

Cycling is great for your body, but like any other form of exercise, it will leave you yearning for a breather. That is why we’ll take a well-deserved break and enjoy the Adom waterfalls. It is a beautiful waterfall located few kilometers away from the Aburi Botanical Gardens. You’ll enjoy the water and capture moments that’ll last forever!

Enjoy a picnic in the Aburi Botanical Gardens

After the waterfall experience, we treat you to a lovely picnic in the Aburi Botanical Gardens. We will have some food and drinks, play games, socialize and just have a good time before we head back to Accra.

Exciting games

We present an interesting way to socialize with the use of activities and games such as Jenga, Archery, Scrabble, UNO, and other board games.

You’re not going to be alone even if you come alone

Over the years, Ghana Akwantuo’s Bike tours have been one of the best selling trips. We always have a considerable turn-up number enough to create great company and support for each cyclist. Cycling is fun but even more exciting when done in groups!

Worried about your safety?

Before we take off cycling, you’ll receive relevant information from our tour guide on the proper use of your bicycle. You’ll be given in-depth knowledge on how your bicycle functions and what to do to stay safe while cycling. In the unlikely event of injuries you will be well taken care of by our trip coordinators present.

The rate is worth the experience

The cost of our upcoming bike tour includes transportation, the provision of a bike and helmet, lunch, drinks, water, entry to the Aburi Botanical Gardens and entry fee to the Adom waterfalls. Now you may be thinking, “so what else am I going to spend cash on”? Our answer is simple, nothing! We’ve got you covered. We just want you to hop on the trip and enjoy the experience!

Catch a glimpse of the experience here

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